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    Welcome To Townsville Tree Surgeons!

    If you have a need for an arborist in Townsville, we are glad you have stumbled across our site. Our team of specialists have been working with trees for over 40 years, developing an understanding of the makeup of a range of different trees, their needs and how to care for them.
    Palm trees, mango tree removal, rain trees, we do it all!

    ​This means we are able to provide our client with top quality tree 
    services to cater to all your tree related requirements.

    We Love Trees 
    We are a team of skilled arborists and tree doctors, who have dedicated the majority of our lives to understand trees. We care for our community and the environment, which has seen us quickly become the most recommended tree care specialists within the local area. We are committed to providing our clients with a premium quality tree care service that will both meet your needs and care for our planet at the same time. 
    Our team of specialists have the capacity to travel out-with Townsville as well for work. We have had experience carrying out work everywhere from Mission Beach, Tully, Ingham, Rangewood, Home Hill Bowen, Cardwell, Balgal Beach, Ayr, Jerona, Hervey Range, Cape Cleveland and more!

    We Do the A-Z Of Tree Care
    If you have a tree you need to have removed to make better use of your land, need professional assistance to fix damaged trees, or are looking for something to revive the liveliness of your trees, our team of experts will be happy to assist. We are the specialist in our industry which means we are able to provide a wide range of services that include the ones we have listed below. We have given a brief outline of what these services entail below and have provided further detail on each in the links dedicated to the individual service. Our tree surgeons have the tools and capacity to take on jobs both large and small, residential or commercial work.

    Tree Removal

    Our staff are qualified arborists and tree removal specialists in Townsville, so if you are looking for tree removal, tree lopping or tree felling services, we are the ones to trust. We remove trees, limbs and branches that are causing an inconvenience to your property and ensure that the removed elements are recycled. This means that by using our services you can ensure that you are doing your part to take care of our environment.

    Palm tree removal, mango tree removal, what ever the requirement, we are here to help!

    Why would a tree need to be removed?
    Trees may have to be removed for a number of reasons

    • The tree could be dying, diseased and ready to be cut down
    •  if you need the space to plant a new garden, or outdoor living area, or look to pave or concrete the area
    •  Trees can sustain structural damage from extreme climate conditions making them unsafe for residents and pedestrians
    •  Some trees can use up too much of the moisture in the soil beneath it
    •  An older tree can cause damage to the foundations of your property or to underground piping systems – causing hazards

    Tree Pruning and Trimming

    By spending the time we have dedicated to learning about trees, we are now able to provide the residents of Townsville with a high-quality tree care service to help you maintain your property. By have a professional pruning and trimming your trees, you are able to ensure that your tree remains in good health and that you are providing protection to your property by avoiding overgrown and unruly trees. We have knowledge on a range of native and foreign trees to ensure that we provide your tree with the relevant pruning and trimming services. We are tree experts and ready to tackle any job no matter how big or small!

    “Townsville Tree Surgeons have always provided us with the best tree pruning services we could ask for. You can tell when they are working that they understand what they are doing and care for the trees that they are working with. We know that our trees are in safe hands whenever they come out to tend to them.” – Dorothy, Townsville

    Tree Stump Removal

    If you have tree stumps on your property, you may want to look at having these removed so that you are able to better utilize the land you have available. Our tree surgeons have a range of equipment including a stump grinder to assist in the complete removal of trunks so that you can have confidence that the services you receive from tree care will leave you with clear land that is able to be utilized without the nuisance of tree remnants left underneath the surface of your property.
    If you’re sitting at home and been searching “tree stump removal Townsville” or “stump grinding Townsville” then we are glad you’ve stumbled across our page!


    When you are looking to make use of the trees within your property, our team of experts provide our clients with a tree chipping service. This turns the unwanted parts of trees into small woodchips through the use of our industry specific machinery. We have a team of professionals who are trained in the safe use of this equipment to provide our clients with services that ensure recycling of your trees and that there is no waste remaining.

    “I was very impressed with Townsville Tree Surgeons when they came out to provide us with tree stump removal assistance. They were detailed and methodical in their approach, ensuring that they removed every last part of the stump. Knowing that they recycle the stump is an added benefit.” – Jessica, Garbutt

    Tree Maintenance

    To provide the best in tree services for our clients, we understand what protective measures will help ensure the growth and liveliness of your trees. One of these measures is to provide your trees with a mulch surrounding which is designed to help protect your tree whilst it is growing and provide a storage of nutrients to ensure your tree is able to get all that it needs to continue thriving until it is fully grown. 
    So if you’re in need of some tree maintenance in Townsville, then give us a buzz, we would be happy to help.

    Tree Mulching

    Our team at Townsville Tree Surgeons care about the health of the trees within our community and have spent many years studying to learn how to identify different diseases with trees and how to treat them. Our knowledge enables us to heal trees from diseases as well as provide tree repairs for those that have split trunks. We have a passion for trees which shines through when we provide our clients with tree maintenance services.

    “A very knowledgeable and professional team. They were excited to answer the questions I had about trees which is not very common with trades people.” – Andrew, Townsville


    Why is tree removal so expensive?

    Tree removal has many facets. The principal reason for the increased cost is insurance. The tree removal comes with higher risks, which means the high premium for operation. Insurance may be as high as 25 per cent of what an employee earns.
    Besides, employees earn skilled labour wages, let alone the equipment being expensive and requiring continuous maintenance or replacement.

    How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?

    Prices for individual jobs for tree surgeons can vary from $100 – $5,000 or more, depending on the requirement and surrounding circumstances.
    The average cost of removing a tree is around $850, however the location of the tree on your property can be a defining factor.
    Other factors that can play a key part in pricey your quote will be:

    • Tree species – larger trees with larger branches like gum trees will cost you more
    • Tree weight – the heavier the tree, the heavier the job and more labour intensive
    • Accessibility – if the tree is restricted behind a building or anything else it can cause difficulty when trying to carry out the tree work, and slow down the job and cost more money
    • Risk factor – if there is danger to the tree surgeon when carrying out the work, will mean a higher rate is charged to match the high risk.

    How does an aborist differ from a tree surgeon?

    An arborist is a trained individual who plants, maintain, as well as perform hazard assessments on individual trees, vines, shrubs or other perennial woody plant species.
    By contrast, a tree surgeon basically, works on trees to maintain, i.e., prunes and treats old and damaged trees to preserve them. To be a tree surgeon mean using power tools, to work on tree heights.

    What is the best way to remove a tree?

    The size of the tree dictates the method of removing it. However, the easiest way to cut down a tree is to use a chain saw. Ensure that you clear the area – not children or pets should be around.

    Removing a tree stump takes different forms; you can dig out the stump using a shovel for small stumps.

    But if the stump is too big to dig out, use a chemical stump remover. Drill eight holes in the stump and pour the chemical. Give it 4-6 weeks to rot then dig it out with a shovel.

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    If you are looking for a dedicated tree service expert in Townsville, you need look no further. Our team at of tree surgeons are the best in the business as we have spent many years studying the anatomy of trees and how to best care for them. If you are looking into finding a tree cutting cost, to book a service or to find out more details on how our team are able to assist in the health and liveliness of your trees, please contact our team. We are always more than happy to help our local community care for their trees.

    Suburbs we cover – Aitkenvale, Annandale, Cranbrook, Garbutt, Gulliver, West End, Rosslea, Hermit Park, Heatley, and more!

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