Tree Mulching

Having a professional attend to your trees is the best possible way to ensure the health of your tree. Our team at Townsville Tree Removal Surgeons have spent many years studying trees and what they require to grow tall and strong, ensuring they have a long and prosperous life. The use of mulch for trees has many benefits including improving the quality of the soil, a trees visual appeal, provides protection to trees as well as a range of other advantages. Here we discuss how the use of mulch can be valuable for the trees on your property.

Improve Soil Quality
Using an organic mulch such as wood chips, compost and other plant elements can drastically improve the quality of the soil surrounding your tree. As these mulch elements decompose, they provide nutrition and fertilization to the solid below, which is where the roots of your tree are able to get their nourishment. Our team are able to provide you with inspections of soil to check its functionality and provide you with mulch that will assist in the growth and health of your trees through the quality of the soil surrounding it.

Visual Appeal
When you have a newly landscaped area, it is always nice to see finishing touches such as mulch surrounding your plant life. Not only does it have the nutritional benefits we mentioned above, but it also helps to make a landscaped area look complete and well maintained. It is recommended that mulch is applied on a regular basis to continue the supply of fertilizer to your trees, as well as keep your yard area presented to a high standard. Mulch is a popular option for the members of our community who are house proud as well as with business owners who understand the importance of first impressions.

Plant Protection
If you have a newly landscaped area that has small trees in their infancy stage, mulch can be a great way to bring attention to the location of your new tree. Along with the other benefits of providing nutrition to your tree and the aesthetic appeal, mulch will help to prevent people from walking over the roots and impacting the fragile nature of a young tree. If there is constant traffic over the roots of a tree, this can damage its integrity and lead to the failure of its growth. Mulch is a brilliant non invasive way to protect your tree with many added benefits.

Professional Knowledge
Townsville Tree Removal Surgeons are the experts in tree health, which means we are able to provide our clients with premium services. We are sure to meet each trees requirements and not ensure that no over mulching occurs, which can result in the suffocation and promotion of disease within a tree. Our team are the experts as we understand the best methods to follow when caring for trees and make sure that they are tended to correctly, with the backing of many years’ experience to avoid any errors.

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