Tree Maintenance

Keeping your trees healthy and well maintained is imperative to both the appearance of your property, but also the integrity of it. Our team of experts at Townsville Tree Surgeons know everything there is to know about the trees within our community, which makes us the ideal candidates to tend to your trees. Here we discuss a few different elements of tree maintenance and why they are required for your trees to ensure a long a prosperous life and protection of your property.  

Having your tree pruned on a regular basis will help to ensure that your tree is able to have a long lifetime without causing damage to your property, as well as enabling the experts to pick up on any warning signs of issues within your tree. This may mean either diseases or noticing that the tree is growing in such a way that may impact the structure built within your property. Our team are able to provide you with quality pruning services that won’t leave your tree looking bare, but will provide you with the right amount of space and health for your tree.

Disease Prevention
When living and working with trees, it is important to have an industry professional inspect these on a periodic basis to ensure that there is no disease present which could be hazardous to your property. Our team are able to provide our clients with disease prevention methods as a proactive measure which will leave you confident in the health of your property. Townsville Tree Surgeons provide our clients with different maintenance solutions including fertilization and pruning to help prevent disease from occurring and spreading throughout your trees. Having regular maintenance will assist in the early detection of disease and enable a solution before the tree becomes unsalvageable.

The nutrition of trees is integral to the health and lifespan of the trees within our community, and you need an expert to be able to understand the varying nutritional requirements between trees. Our team are able to provide our clients with soil quality testing to ensure that your tree is getting the nutrition it requires and provide fertilization and mulching services to meet these requirements if it is not already.

Overall Health
Having a professional overview of the general health of your trees can provide you with valuable insights such as the root growing patterns that are not visible and how to protect both your tree and your property from unregulated roots. Once a tree poses a hazard to the safety of a property, it is an unfortunate by necessary requirement to have the tree removed, which is another service we provide for our clients. We ensure this is done in a safe and ecofriendly way to give back to the earth. Townsville Tree Surgeons have spent many years studying the health of trees and how to best maintain them, which mean you can have confidence that your trees are in the best hands of local experts.

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