Tree Removal

If you have a tree that is causing a hazard to your property or is unable to be maintained, we provide our clients with tree removal services. Although we prefer to see the trees within our community thriving, unfortunately sometimes removal is required. We like to ensure that when this is a requirement, that it is done in the correct way that protects both your property and our environment. Trees can cause many hazards that mean they have to be removed. Some reasons you may look to remove some trees from your property:

  • Coconuts are falling off palm trees,
  • A tree is causing disruption to other trees or a residence
  • The tree is dead and growing fungi and harmful bacteria
  • The tree has loose branches causing hazardous situations for pedestrians or residents

Our team at Townsville Tree Removal Surgeons are qualified arborists, with the capabilities to work at heights, regularly working with cranes. We have experience in the following

  • Mango Tree removal
  • Palm Tree removal
  • Blackbutt tree removal
  • Forest red gum tree removal
  • Grey gum tree removal
  • Grey ironbark tree removal
  • Gympie messmate tree removal
  • Narrow-leaved red ironbark tree removal
  • Spotted gum tree removal
  • White cypress pine tree removal

To ensure the safe removal of trees to protect our clients, their properties and our staff, we have a refined process that will remove your tree without causing any resulting damage. We first remove any large limbs that may damage a property when falling. From there we assess the size of the area we are working in and decide the best method for removal. In some cases this may mean that we are able to cut the tree directly from the stump, and in other cases it may mean that we need to cut down the tree in sections to avoid any accidents from occurring.

To provide our clients with the safe removal of their trees, our team have a range of different equipment that is designed for tree removal in different spaces. We have bobcats and chainsaws which assist us in the professional removal of trees and provide protection to surrounding structures. Our team are all highly trained in the operation of the equipment required to be used in the process of tree removal, so that you can have confidence that you and your property are safe when having Townsville Tree Surgeons provide you with tree removal services.

Disposal of Trees
One a tree has been declared as requiring removal, this will provide timber that is able to be utilized elsewhere. Our team are able to assist our clients in providing them with their desired use of this timber, or we are able to utilize it for other purposes. A common method for disposal of trees is to convert it into fire wood or wood chips which can be used as mulch, providing nourishment to other trees within our client’s properties. We ensure that trees are disposed of in a recycling method so that there is no wastage of the tree once it has been removed.

Eco Friendly Removal
Townsville Tree Removal Surgeons truly care for our environment, as do many of our clients which is why we ensure that we provide eco friendly removal for all our clients. Eco friendly removal means that we do what we can with the tree to ensure that it is either recycled for other purposes or given back to the earth in the form of mulch to decompose and enhance the soil. This approach to tree care is one of the reasons we believe we have seen such growth for our business due to our responsible tree removal methods.

Our team cover the A-Z of tree care, so if you are in need of some tree removal services in Townsville, then let’s talk now. We would be happy to assist.

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