Our team at Townsville Tree Removal Surgeons are a group of local professionals who have a passion for nature and our trees contribution to our community. By making sure the trees of Townsville are well cared for, remain healthy and are correctly removed when required is our passion. We take great pride in being able to assist our local community with high quality services that contribute back to our planet and look after our client’s properties. We have spent many years dedicated to studying the anatomy of trees of all different kinds which has given us the knowledge required to provide such services.

We have become quite well known within Townsville for our gentle and caring approach to the tree services we provide for our clients, which has seen our business grow exponentially over recent years. The level of service we provide for our clients is only possible through the dedicated passion we have for tree care and is visible when our clients see us working. We have been exceptionally lucky to have found a group of professionals who share our passion join our team and contribute to the growth of our business. Each of our members are dedicated and friendly, enjoying engagement with the locals of our community. We are all highly trained in the equipment we use to complete our tasks as well as our understanding of different trees and how to cater to their individual needs. If you require the opinion of an expert for your tree care, we are happy to help.

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