If you have a tree that has fallen down and requires removal or simply need to have a tree on your property removed, you may want to consider having your tree chipped. As suggested by the name, having a tree chipped means converting the solid wood branches and trunk of your tree converted into small wood chips to be used as mulch. Here we explain what equipment we use, the process which we follow, why wood chipping is a good option for our environment and how we use this as mulch for our clients.

A wood chipper is a large piece of machinery in which tree branches are fed into one end and wood chips come out the other. There is a large series of blades within the machine that breaks down the branches of the trees and converts them into tiny little wood chips that are able to be used for other purposes. Our team are highly trained in the safe use of this machinery and take all the required safety precautions to ensure that there are no accidents whilst using the machinery. We use only the best equipment to ensure the safety of our staff and clients as well as to provide the best output of wood chips.

Once we attend the site of our clients who have the requirement for wood chipping services, we first have to address the tree that is requiring this process. We cut the tree up into sections that are able to be safely inserted into our wood chipping machine and feed it through slowly and safely to avoid any accidents. The machine then does all the work of converting branches into small wood chips and placing them into the large container attached to the other end of the machinery for a clean relocation.

Eco Friendly Disposal
Trees live on the land, so it only makes sense that when a tree is removed or falls over that we return it back to the land. By utilizing the process of wood chipping, you can rest your mind at ease knowing that you are giving back to the earth what has been taken from it by the removal of the tree on your property. This is a great option to give back to the immediate environment from where the tree has been removed and will help your soil to get the required nutrition to thrive.

Using mulch within your property is a brilliant natural and organic way to help the plant life of your property grow and flourish. This can be used to assist the development of new trees, in landscaping of garden beds, and to assist in the growing of any other plants and vegetables you have within your property. By using wood chips from trees that are already familiar with the surroundings and have been personally kept on your property, you can be sure that there are no harmful chemicals which could toxify your soil.

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