Tree Pruning and Trimming

Part of the regular maintenance that is required when having trees on your property is to have them regularly pruned and trimmed. Allowing a tree to grow wild can have many repercussions including damage to your property as well as the inability for early detection of tree diseases. Here we will explain the importance of having your trees properly maintained including regular tree pruning and trimming services provided by industry experts. Please contact us if you are looking to book in these services for your property.

Tree Pruning
Tree pruning is a service that is provided by professionals to provide protection for your trees, and help keep the best health for the tree. It is a process where certain branches are cut back to prevent disease as well as removing any dead branches which could prove to be a hazard to your property. Our team are skilled in the recognition of which branches of your tree require removal to ensure that your tree is not over pruned and becomes to look bare and unsightly. We have many years’ experience to refine the technique and location of where pruning is required for the best results.

Tree Trimming
Tree trimming is a method experts use to enhance the appearance and growth of your tree to ensure that it looks its best at all times to increase the visual appeal of your property. Regular trimming provided by an expert will help to maintain your tree and prevent it growing wild and unruly. Our team are careful when we provide trimming services to ensure that we do not over trim, but meet the fine line that is sufficient pruning whilst retaining the luscious look of a vibrant tree that is well cared for.

Regular Services
By having both pruning and trimming services through Townsville Tree Removal Surgeons on a regular basis means that you are able to rest assured that your tree is being tended to by a professional. Removing the risk of disease spreading throughout your tree, providing protection to your property and making sure you have one of the best tended to trees within your local area. We understand the importance of property presentation, which is why we take great care when we provide these services to ensure that we provide just the right amount of trimming and pruning to enhance the visual aesthetics of your property.

Professional Advice
When our team at Townsville Tree Surgeons provide these services for our clients, it also enables us the opportunity to inspect the integrity of your trees. We are sure to report back to our clients if we find any disease or any other cause for concern which may require more regular monitoring. We provide our clients with advice on how they are able to cater to the requirements of their trees to ensure the healthy growth of their trees and how to prevent any disease from occurring. We have been leaning the anatomy of trees for a long time, which is information we are always happy to share with our clients.

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