Tree Stump Removal

Tree stumps remaining on your property can be an inconvenience in many ways and not allow you to property utilize the land you have. Our team of experts provide our community with professional tree stump removal services that are conducted methodically with industry specific equipment to assist in the complete removal of tree roots. Here we explain the process we follow, high quality equipment we use, the process of root removal as well as how we dispose of tree stumps in an environmentally conscious manner.

There are a few different processes when it comes to tree stump removal which include grinding it as well as digging it out. Most of our clients who want to have a stump removed is to be able to make use of the land which the stump is currently occupying, which means complete removal is required and not just grinding. We ensure we speak with our clients to understand their intentions so that we can provide them with a stump removal process that best suits their needs. Whichever method is selected, our team will carry out the task with precision to ensure a quality stump removal service is provided.

If we are grinding down a stump, we are able to make use of a grinder. This is a piece of equipment that is only able to be operated by a professional to avoid any potential accidents from occurring and causing damage to people or properties. We ensure that when grinding a stump that it is ground as much as possible to ensure that it sits flush with the surrounding earth and does not protrude. If we are conducting a complete stump removal, we are able to make use of our bob cats to dig out the stump.

Root Removal
When we conduct complete stump removal, we ensure that this includes the roots laying under the surface as well. To do this we use a bobcat to dig up the stump as see where the underlying roots are located. We ensure that we are thorough in our approach to ensure that there are no large roots remaining. This allows our client to make better use of their land without the obstruction of dead tree roots buried underneath their land that require removal beforehand.

Disposal of Stumps
Being the environmentally conscious company we are at Townsville Tree Removal Surgeons, we like to ensure that we work towards zero waste and recycle all removed tree elements. This means that we provide our clients with options to utilize their tree stump remnants themselves, or we take it away to turn into wood chips, fire wood if possible or mulch. When we remove tree stumps from the earth, we like to give back to it by providing it with mulch to help revitalise the soil with the decomposing of the wood chips and mulch that we have turned the stump into. If you would like to find out more about this process, please contact our team for further detail.

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