Why Choose Us

Choosing a tree removal service provider in Townsville can be quite difficult as all of them claim to offer the best quotations and services. It is, however, imperative to land on a service provider that gives you real and effective results. When it comes to efficiency, professionalism, and on-time outputs, Townsville Tree Removal Surgeon does […]

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Why Preserve Our Trees?

With climate change affecting the world, the environment must be protected. Trees play a crucial role in keeping the environment liveable and safer for future generations. Trees are way more than just components of a garden or a park. They help clean the air, filter the toxins and save our bodies from these hazards. It

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How to Maintain Trees

There are a lot of ways to preserve the trees, and the strategies vary depending on your needs and other elements. To simplify these steps, the arborists have narrowed them into two proactive approaches – assessing the health and pruning. Health Assessments of Trees Tree health assessments are usually required by the council before any

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1. Can I remove a tree myself? Some circumstances would allow you to remove trees on your own without the need for council approval such as smaller trees or dead trees that won’t require you powerful equipment to cut it or ladder to do it. However, if you are unsure about it, it is best

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